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My online coaching packages not only help you transform your lifestyle,
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What's going on guys, it's BeastWithAesthetics.
Many of you know me through YouTube and you probably know by now that I have a burning passion for health, & fitness.
Not so long ago, I was practically the complete opposite of the person I am today. I was self-conscious about my body and appearance, and my confidence and self-esteem were lower than you can imagine.
 I was skinny, weak, and awkward-looking. It made me extremely self-conscious about my body and my looks. This caused me to have low confidence for a significant chunk of my childhood and into my late teens. Never in my life have I believed that one day I would be able to achieve a body of a fitness model because of my past self-image as a skinny, awkward-looking, low self-esteem kid with no sense of motivation or discipline .

I was tired of constantly getting bullied in school and so I knew I had to CHANGE something. I started to work out at home then eventually lift weights. I started to see progress and that motivated me to keep going. I started to believe that I can achieve a body of a Greek god. A part of me believed that I can look like a fitness model, and that's EXACTLY what I made a REALITY
Some of you have seen this Skinny to Muscle Transformation, but for those that didn't get the chance - I present to you this motivational transformation that YOU can ALSO achieve.

In 2014, I have decided to create a YouTube channel in which I can share everything I have learned from diets and workouts to mental attitude and strength.
My vision was to motivate and inspire as many people as I can to CHANGE their life. I want to see a world where people BELIEVE in themselves and can DO ANYTHING they DESIRE. I have all the COMPASSION in the world for those that lack DISCIPLINE  because I myself once did.
My journey was full of triumphs and failures, pleasures and pains, joys and despairs. Today that journey continues, backed by 10 years of experience under my belt. I always remind myself that the journey never ends, we must always strive to get better.  The amount of knowledge and dedication I have learned the past 10 years is far more valuable than the transformation itself.

I wanted to come up with a system that combines all that experience and pass it on to others to benefit from in as little time as possible.
As I created this systematic, step-by-step transformation program, I had 2 things on my mind:
1) Help people, regardless of their body type or fitness level and guide them to transform their body and reach their fitness goals.
2) Help people, regardless of their fears, insecurities, anxieties, and struggles in life to conquer their fears, make more money, get the woman of their dream, raise their self-confidence , and help them be powerful in all areas of life inside and outside the gym.


"I set up a meeting with BeastWithAesthetics on September 4th 2016. From the meet and greet we discussed my fitness goals, how we were going to achieve them and practiced some posing. We developed a 16-week plan to prepare me for my first physique show.
beast provided me with a diet plan, complete workout plan, and critiqued my weekly photo check-ins. He evaluated my weekly results and provided changes to the plan when necessary. I recommend beast as a coach to anyone who is looking for contest prep, sport guidance or a lifestyle change. To anyone looking at joining the team, this is not an easy path but it is worth it. I never once strayed away from the program. Beast will show you the path but it is up to you to walk it. If you are as motivated as I am, results are guaranteed. On March 5th 2017, I had an average gym body and a dream. On June 24th , I made that dream a reality as I walked across that stage…… a Beast With Aesthetics.

- Aaron

"I’ve always done sports when I was younger. I played ball, American football, soccer – you name it. When I got older I started working and I lost the physique I once was proud to present. I ended up meeting BeastWithAesthetics in the gym and I told him about my situation. I needed real science that works, a simple plan but effective. He offered a workout program as well as a nutrition plan and within a few weeks I was ALREADY looking a lot better. Not only that I was able to transform my body but I learned a lot about bodybuilding and fitness. Now here I am helping beastchange peoples’ lives. Beast takes care of his clients and makes sure they are getting results as well as knowledge. Many trainers out there just tell you what to do without explaining, but not beast. I was motivated and passionate about fitness and I showed that to beast through the work I put in. I’m happy to be part of the industry. There is so much that you will learn so let us help you! Change your life now"


"Beast and I clicked together right off the bat when we first met, since we're both into becoming better and stronger versions of ourselves alongside an easy going lifestyle of positivity. Throughout the past twelve weeks, our bond has become stronger than it has, and we will be great friends for a while. From the intense workouts, to the strict dieting that I followed with his guidance, I lost over twenty pounds, gained a lot of strength in all my major lifts, and am more mobile than I ever was. I can't thank him enough for being a great coach and friend throughout this entire process. Competing in Physique was an amazing experience, I may not have come up on top, but I sure as hell want to give it another go in the future!"


"Growing up, staying fit was never a problem with the thanks of my genetics. Not to brag or show off, but ever since I can remember I grew up with a wide defined back and a solid six-pack. Working out seriously was introduced to my life when I was 17 years old. Everything before that was on and off, and was definitely not taken into a serious account. Advice and knowledge was taken from a few places such as fitness pages on social media, body building articles, and the most important, advice from others at the gym. I learned never to shy myself from asking a well conditioned and fit lifter for advice to do with anything in the fitness industry. Knowledge cannot be gained from one source of information, rather acquired from multiple sources to widen whatever knowledge you have. It was all well and sound, until sometime during early 2014 I was diagnosed with an illness that knocked me off my feet and steered me away from any physical movement for quite some time. I remember weighing around 155lbs-160lbs, healthy and fit. But here’s the interesting part, when I recovered from the illness, I realized I’m sitting at 192lbs or so within that range. I gained a total of 30+ lbs within 4 weeks of being sick. Goodbye sick-pack, and every other muscle I remember having. I let it sink in, to only realize I had a “beer belly” and couldn’t manage to fit into any of my old jeans. By this time, I remember my high school buddy (BeastWithAesthetics) was into fitness, so I opened his instagram and scrolled through, and this is where I found another chance to become the beast within myself. My luck, I had immediate access to him in communicating, so here’s the beast he helped me transform to within a year’s worth of hard dedicated work!"


The success stories are endless 

Are you ready to create your own story?

The guys you see above had a few things in common:

Dedication, Commitment, Hardwork, Persistence, Self-Belief, and a BURNING DESIRE to improve their bodies and self-confidence.

We all have unique talents, but we are alike in many ways.

Most of us have a mind that works in similar ways, and if you are willing to explore its power, you will do extraordinary things in life.

My mission is to help you get in touch with the genius within you.

The powerful integration of an extraordinary body and a brilliant mind. This is what this program is all about.

4 Week Transformation Plan
  • Customized Workout Plan
  • Customized Meal Plan
  • Weekly Check-In Via Email
  • Weekly Adjustments
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24 Week Transformation Plan
  • Customized Workout Plan
  • Customized Meal Plan
  • Weekly Check-In Via Email OR Skype
  • Weekly Adjustments
  • Weekly Motivational Talk
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100% Money-Back Guarantee: I guarantee results for 100% of the people who follow 100% of the training 100% of the time. That means that if you fully participate in this training program for the entire duration and do not feel like it helped you achieve a noticeable improvement in your lifestyle and fitness level, you will be entitled to a full refund. That’s my promise to you.