About Me

My name is Osama known as @BeastWithAesthetics on social medias. I’m 22 years old residing in Ottawa, Canada. I’ve started my YouTube channel in 2014 because I wanted to motivate, inspire, and educate people about fitness. Since I was 15 years old, I’ve wanted to have a six pack and be muscular. My ideal physique was to look like someone who did modeling. I played soccer growing up and eventually played in a club for some time. I had an injury that stopped me from continuing in my club and so of course affected my whole lifestyle. I went from playing soccer for 3 hours every single day to playing video games all day. I had to make a change. I started off with doing push ups and crunches in my room. I thought If I started early, I could look amazing by the time I turned 19. As I continued to see progress, I was motivated to set out and reach new goals. When I got into university, I suffered from depression and anxiety for several reasons (more about that here). I fully recovered and I started competing for physique and became a personal trainer. I think everyone has a beast within themselves and that is why my motto is

Unleash Your Inner Beast.